Logan Paul vs KSI Live Stream

Paul Logan- 24yo has a clear 2 inch reach advantage in this bout. Not only is he taller but it also seems his physique is better developed plus he comes from a sporting background as he wrestled in college.

The youtubers are definitely debiutants to professional game of boxing. The boundaries of modern boxing will be tested on Saturday 9th October bringing youtube audience to a new boxing experience.

As seen during the press conferences, it is clearly a battle of words and egos. The man who can better assert his game will undoubtedly win here. Both seem to be in their top form, training with top boxing champs in arduous manner. Who has better composure? Who can hold their own better? Who can harness the nerves and keep their cool more efficiently? These are the questions on everybody’s mind.

They both look prime and ready as ever. It seems that the winner will be the man who can pace himself better at the very beginning of the fight. Early fatigue that sets in after first rounds can be a determining factor for the outcome of the bout.

The fight is estimated to bring $150.000.000 from ticket sales and PPV. KSI as well as Logan Paul is determined and dedicated as ever to go to war. Using footwork to his advantage in the first fight, KSI made Logan pay for his mistakes. However, Logan landed much more damaging shots that this time around might not be so forgiving.

Two charismatic, flashy and outspoken youtube stars will clash in Los Angeles on Sat 9th October in the bright jupiter lights. As they say the real confidence comes with good skill. Will it be a circus or a worthy professional bout? I guess we will have to see. As Logan puts it: “I’m as invincible as they can come at this point in my life”.

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